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Eye Treatments

We offer a range of eyebrow and eyelash tinting and tidy services that create the right look to compliment and balance your facial features. We also offer a very popular anti-wrinkle eye treatment.
Eyebrow shaping
€ 7,-
There are two methods used by therapists for eyebrow shaping, these are either waxing or plucking. The shaping method used depends on how much hair is present but is usually down to personal preference.

Professional eyebrow shaping will:
- give a cleaner line allowing better application of eye shadow.
- balance facial features.
- lift eyes.

Suitable eyebrow shapes are determined by face and eye shape and last up to 4 weeks. Your therapist will discuss this with you before shaping.
Eyelash tint
€ 9,-
Eyebrow tint
€ 7,-
Eyelash and Eyebrow tint
€ 15,-
Eyelash- and eyebrow-tinting can accentuate the eyes, and usually lasts 4-6 weeks.

Benefits of eyelash or eyebrow tinting:
- enhance general appearance of eyes.
- great for people with known sensitivity to make-up.
- good for sporting activities, especially swimming.
- good for people with no time to apply make-up daily.
- will benefit contact lens wearers.
- good for people with fine eyebrows.
Double eye care treatment
€ 15,-
A powerful two-step treatment for the sensitive, delicate eye area to reduce and prevent redness, puffiness and loss of elasticity. the pad lotion and cream mask are enriched with vitamins A and E and moisture-retaining factors to regulate the moisture level and refresh and soothe the area. rich essential oils reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent future wrinkles from forming. these powerful complexes visibly diminish signs of fatigue, dark circles and wrinkles after just one application. Suitable for all skin types.